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Toning at home is worth the effort: Color Masks refresh your hair color between salon visits

29.11.2021, Meri

Why doesn’t hair dye tend to last in the hair? This is the eternal question that keeps our minds occupied from time to time. Even the best hair color eventually fades once it’s tried its best to hold on as long as possible at the mercy of different shampoos and heat-based styling tools. Just like all the best things in life, if you want to maintain your hair color, you have to work for it. Fortunately, toning and maintaining the color at home is easy, and you can do it in your own bathroom. Watch our makeover videos done with Four Reasons Color Mask products and try the caring products on your own hair!

Sometimes we may take a little too long in between our coloring sessions because, let’s be honest, there are more important things in life than touching up your roots every two weeks. Roots or no roots, the hair doesn’t have to seem faded or flat, as you can keep up your color maintenance at home. Not only can you use Four Reasons Color Mask products to tone your hair from light to brown, but you can also use them to maintain your own tone or to make subtle changes.

Apply the toning Four Reasons Color Mask in your hair instead of a regular conditioner or shampoo and refresh your hair color between salon visits. Plant-based proteins and amino acids in the Color Mask Toning Treatment intensive treatment tones, strengthens, and nourishes your hair leaving it soft and shiny. Color Mask Shampoo, on the other hand, gently cleanses the hair while effectively toning it. A toning shampoo is an excellent choice when you’re looking for an intensive result. You should also try the intensely toning Color Mask Intense direct dyes that work wonders on maintaining shock colors, for example. Read more about Color Mask Intense shades in here.

Because we know that it may be difficult to estimate what the tone will look like on your hair, we collected 5 videos to demonstrate how the different Color Mask products look in different types of hair. Just remember that it is usually more difficult to tone uncolored hair than maintain the color of treated hair. In some cases, you may, however, also get a more subtle end result in your natural hair. Try it for yourself to find out!


Rose gold in the hair – Toning rose gold shampoo brightens up your blond hair


Year after year, from spring to fall, rose gold sticks to its guns as a trendy tone. Make your hair rose gold with the Four Reasons Color Mask Rose Gold shampoo and intensive treatment. When you have bleached your hair at the salon and you’re in the mood for an easy and temporary change in between coloring sessions, try this out. Add a little bit of a more pink tone, such as Rose, to make your hair slightly pinker.


Rich mahogany – Toning conditioner and shampoo bring a new kind of glow to your brown hair


Toning brown hair is easy and can rarely go wrong! You cannot easily detect uneven tones in dark hair, and you can control how cool or warm you want your tone by mixing different Color Mask tones together. The toning conditioner Toning Treatment Mahogany provides your hair with a gorgeous tone of mahogany.

If your brown color starts getting a reddish tone between the salon appointments, try Toning Treatment in the tone of Coffee to neutralize red and warm tones. Add a bit of Bronze to give three-dimensional glow in the hair in addition to the bronze nuances. Watch the video to see how quickly and easily brown hair gets a new, healthy glow!


Champagne dream – Light beige with a toning conditioner


May we tempt you with a jar of champagne? Yes, please! Color Mask Champagne Toning Treatment gives your bleached hair a new twist. We know how easy it is to get bored with your hair, and a quick alteration brings desired change to everyday life. The champagne tone adds a subtle nuance to blond hair, and the finished result fades beautifully in time without regular maintenance. The next time you walk into a salon, the tone is nothing but a memory, and you can start fresh!


Beautiful glamor of copper – Intensively toning conditioner and shampoo to refresh your locks


Copper? I’d rather look like her! The coppery red tone gives a fiery boost to the hair that was bleached months ago and has perhaps started building a yellow tone. Four Reasons Color Mask Copper gives your hair in intense result that is almost too good to be true for a mere toning product! You can maintain your copper tone by using the Color Mask Toning Treatment Copper and enhance the redness by adding some Red Copper into the mix. If you’re only looking for a coppery glow, for example for your brown hair, try using Toning Treatment in the tone Copper alone.


Sweet Chocolate – Chocolatey depth to your hair with toning conditioner and shampoo


This chocolate tone is for you, who cannot get enough of chocolate! Color Mask Shampoo and Toning Treatment in the tone Chocolate treat your hair by restoring the shine you had when you left the hair salon and, of course, by highlighting the warm brown tone of yours. This tone is great specifically for maintaining a brown tone as well as keeping it intense until the next coloring session.


Bed of roses – Wonderfully pink hair with a toning shampoo


Color Mask Toning Shampoo Rose is a sweet pink toning shampoo that helps you bring your blond hair to life, for example with the dip dye technique. Only apply the shampoo to the ends, and you don’t have to commit to toning the whole head! Then apply Color Mask Toning Treatment Pearl to your hair instead of a regular conditioner, and you’ll get a pearly glow in your hair in addition to the rosy, pink tone. Toning Treatment Pearl is a perfect Color Mask choice for blond hair; your hair gets a nourishing treatment, and you prevent your hair from turning yellow.


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