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Get ready to step into the world of training with us. Do you want to develop in bleaching and highlighting techniques, the latest coloring and cutting trends, or economic and marketing expertise with other professionals? We offer a diverse package of various trainings that will enhance your skills. Grab the keys to success, whether it’s through our inspiring live training or our e-training that gives you the freedom to study at your own pace. We are here to support you – and your biggest cheerleader! Sign up now!

Four Reasons e-education

You can book a place on a Four Reasons live training session or watch a webinar recording on our website. You can watch the training sessions live or later on at your own pace after the live broadcast.

The benefits of the live broadcast include being able to ask the instructor additional questions and ask for help with problems you are facing. You can also network and chat with your colleagues during the entire course by using the comment field.

If you are not able to take part in the live broadcast, you can find the recordings of all training sessions on our website after the broadcast. This means that you can also watch the training session later and go over the course material again—even a hundred times if you want! All participants of a live training session will automatically be able to access the recording through their account.


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