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Color Mask Vs. Color Mask Intense – Which will you choose?

13.8.2021, Meri

Four Reasons Color Mask toning products are familiar and safe products that maintain your hair color and makes it vibrant. Why fix something if it’s not broken, right? But not everyone is willing to settle for safe options: for you, we present the latest addition to the Color Mask product line, Color Mask Intense. We listed the key differences between the original Color Masks and the new Color Mask Intense direct dyes to make your decision easier. Which one is more you? Take the following factors into consideration when selecting our toning products!

Four Reasons Color Masks are a line of toning shampoos and intensive treatments that you can use to subtly or boldly highlight the color of your hair whenever you want. The nourishing and pigment-rich composition extends the lifetime of a dye while maintaining its glow. Select your favorite of the 19 glowing tones!

Color Mask Intense is an intensively toning and conditioning product for bleached or dyed hair that gives your hair a very bright and intense result. Color Mask Intense direct dyes have a high concentration of pigment and are suitable for the boldest hair stylists: in a nutshell, these products are strong and clear shock colors. The product line consists of four glowing tones: Blue, Fuchsia, Pink, and Violet.

Are you bold or BOLD?

For the bold

Select the Color Mask Toning products when you want to tone or maintain the existing color of your hair. You can get versatile results with the Color Mask toning products: bleached hair can get a new tone entirely and dyed hair stays vibrant for longer. If you often get bored with the color of your hair, Color Mask is the perfect option for you to change up the tone of your hair as you wish and even mix them up. You can use the product, for example, once a week or every time you wash your hair.

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For the BOLD

Select Color Mask Intense when you know that toning is not your thing, and you want something more. When you want an intense and BOLD tone that lasts almost too long, select Intense. Color Mask Intense products, true to their name, tone the hair intensely and are comparable to direct dyes due to their high pigment concentration. We recommend the new intense tones especially for those who use direct dyes and have it all figured out (including the fact that using gloves during toning is usually a good idea)! When you want to stand out from the crowd and shock everyone with your vibrant hair, select Intense.

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How intense is intense enough?

The Color Mask Intense tones are really intense due to the high concentration of pigment. The color sticks to hands, clothing, and tiles, so make sure to protect light colored surfaces while using the product – this should also be enough to tell you how well the color stays in the hair.

The Color Mask Toning products are more subtle and also fade during washes. This enables you to change the tone of your hair as often as you want. The intensity of the result always depends on the hair quality and porosity, and the color of the product itself: Red gives you a more intense result than, for example, the light Pearl.

Both Color Mask Toning products and Color Mask Intense tones can be used as much and as often as you want. For example, Color Mask Toning Treatments work the best if you use them regularly to maintain the hair color. The Color Mask Intense, on the other hand, stays in your hair for a very long time. If you only want to maintain the existing intense tone, you should mix the direct dye into a conditioner.

You can mix both Color Masks and Color Mask Intense tones to get to the desired result. We recommend you combine, for example, Four Reasons Color Mask Toning Treatment tones Rose and Rose Gold. The result is a sweet cotton candy tone!

You’ll find a cool-warm scale in all Four Reasons Color Mask packaging that indicates how cool or warm the tone is. The Color Mask Intense packaging, in turn, displays a pastel-vivid scale that shows you how intense the tone is.


Wash or treatment, maintenance or quick results?

Four Reasons Color Mask Toning product line provides you with both shampoos and intensive treatments. Color Mask Toning Shampoos cleanse dyed hair as delicately as possible, add shine to the hair, and make the hair anti-static. Use Color Mask Shampoo instead your regular shampoo when your hair needs toning and shine.

Plant-based proteins and amino acids in all Color Mask Toning Treatment products care for the hair improving its shine and vitality. Color Mask Intense products are as conditioning as Color Mask Toning Treatments so you can trust that they will give you a fabulous shine.

Keep in mind that both Four Reasons Color Mask and Color Mask Intense products are best suited to dyed hair. The darkness, depth and longevity always depend on the starting point. The Color Mask Intense products always provide a more intense end result than the Color Masks: the result of a conditioning direct dye is quick and lasts very long. You will find that no other direct dye compares to this conditioning power product!


The one that stays

Like all our products, Four Reasons Color Mask and Color Mask Intense products are also 100% vegan, so you will never have to choose between your fabulous hair and values!


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