Four Reasons is a community of passionate hair stylists whose mission is to make everyone feel gorgeous as themselves. 100 % vegan, sustainably produced professional hair products, made with love for people’s individual beauty.


A hair product or even a visit to the hair salon is not a necessity. We can make do without them. But the truth is that we don’t want to. Because for most of us, hair is a big deal. Hair is a part of our identity, it plays a part in our mood, it is a way to express yourself. It’s important for many of us that our hair reflects what we feel we are.

That is why we don’t use just any hair products. We want to do our part in promoting responsible production and sustainable consumption. Our long-term development work aims at creating products with a life cycle built on responsible choices that are based on sustainable development.



Three years ago, we began systematic sustainability work by creating a sustainability program based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Although we have achieved significant results, we acknowledge that sustainability work is ongoing and requires years of effort. Here are our most significant achievements from last year:

  • We transitioned to using recycled aluminum in Four Reasons Optima color tubes, saving six tons of aluminum annually.
  • 40 % of the plastic packaging for Four Reasons products sold in 2023 was recycled plastic or bio-based plastic.
  • 30 % of the Four Reasons products sold in 2023 were manufactured in Finland, where we use 100 % renewable energy.
  • We successfully reduced emissions from the use of company cars by 18 % by switching to electric vehicles.
  • By the end of 2023, 80 %* of our suppliers had signed their commitment to our ethical operating guidelines.
  • We achieved an eNPS recommendation index of 43 in the employee survey.

Our sustainability goals

The UN Sustainable Development Program sets ambitious goals for solving the world’s greatest problems regarding the environment and inequality. Four Reasons is part of these efforts with every corner of its heart. Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our business operations and our strategy. It’s daily choices and concrete actions for our shared future.

At Four Reasons, we have selected three themes from the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are relevant to our business operations and through which we can best impact matters that our stakeholders value.

In our sustainability work, we will focus especially on these themes:

Health and Well-being
Responsible consumption
Climate Actions

#1 People

At Four Reasons, we’re a family – noisy, composed, vivacious, funny, creative, sometimes a little odd. We’re all different.

You’ll fit in well.

#2 Passion

We do what we do with passion. It sparkles, grows and breaks the mold. It’s the courage to color outside the lines.

#3 Authenticity

We have the courage to be our real selves and do things our own way. Our products are beautiful to look at and even more wonderful to use. They are carefully made from high-quality ingredients, and they work.

#4 You

We know that life can be wonderful, sad, fun, boring, straightforward and complicated. We want to make your good hair days great and even the bad ones better. We want you to feel at your best just being who you are.

Environmental and Corporate Responsibility


Health and Well-being

Mental health issues are one of the most serious problems of our time. The UN’s health and well-being goals state that promoting mental well-being can prevent many other serious noncommunicable diseases. As a beauty business operator, we are particularly concerned about the social pressure experienced by young adults concerning their looks. Instead of being part of the problem to which our industry has undoubtedly contributed, we want to be part of the solution.

We want to make you feel gorgeous just the way you are. We are developing products and services that provide better hair days for more diverse range of hair types. In 2023, we also launched, among other things, a product line for curly hair in the Four Reasons Original series, which received tremendous popularity. We work to ensure that hair stylists can make their customers feel gorgeous just as they are, regardless of hair type.

Professional hair stylists play a key role in enabling the good hair days of their customers. However, the work of the hair stylist is often both physically and mentally straining. As a partner of professional hair stylists, we feel it’s our responsibility to ensure that hair stylists aren’t worn down by their work.

Our goal is to have the healthiest customers in the hair salon sector. In our operations, this means that we make choices that promote the financial, physical and mental well-being and health of professional hair stylists.


Responsible Consumption and Production

As a manufacturer and marketer of cosmetic products, we can influence people’s consumption choices and contribute to the United Nations’ goal of supporting sustainable consumption and production. We are constantly working to improve the transparency of the life cycle of our products and to make responsible choices at various stages of their life cycle. 

You can always trust our products to be: 

  • 100% vegan 
  • 100% cruelty-free 
  • 100% in recyclable packaging 
  • 100% manufactured in an ISO 22716 certified facility 

Other goals and measures promoting the sustainability of our products include: 

  • Promoting the circular economy through packaging choices:
    We use recycled plastic and aluminum as well as bio-based materials in our packaging. In 2023, we transitioned our Four Reasons Optima hair color tubes to recycled aluminum packaging. 
  • Preferring local production:
    We primarily manufacture our cleansing and care products in Finland and constantly strive to increase the share of local production, considering the quality and cost aspects of the products. The share of domestic production in all Four Reasons products sold was 30 % in 2023. 
  • Minimizing waste and impulse purchases:
    We train and guide both consumers and hairdressing professionals in product selection and usage. In 2023, our training reached over 5,000 hairdressing professionals. 

Climate Actions

At Four Reasons, we participate in the global climate efforts and have a systematic journey planned towards carbon-neutral operations.

The shared climate goal of the entire Transmeri Group is to make its properties, transport and traffic carbon-neutral by 2035. The goal has been limited to include these three sections because decreasing the use of fossil fuels is the single most important way to stop climate change and in our operations, these areas are the best ways to affect the use of fossil fuels. Four Reasons aims to reach the goal faster than the speed of the Group, already by the end of 2029. In 2022, we extended the GHG protocol-based emissions calculation from the previous Scope 1 and Scope 2 level to also cover the Scope 3 categories of commuting, business travel and freight paid by us. Also, we use 100% renewable energy at all of our premises and our production facility in Finland.


Our Sustainability Report 2023

Are you one of those who’s eager to learn all about our sustainability efforts? Fantastic! Here’s our sustainability report for you to download.