Why does everything seem to work here in the North? Our approach to things is efficiently straightforward: we don't just talk about problems, we seek solutions. The development of the renewed Four Reasons Professional product line began with our understanding of both hair and Hair Professionals' needs as well as reflects our love for simple solutions.

Hair Professionals need a reliable set of tools to succeed in their work. The Professional product range is the perfect toolkit for every service in the salon. Products can be combined for each customer's hair needs: balanced care and protection, as well as structure, hold, smoothness, or shine as needed. Four Reasons Professional – you have the skills, you just need the right tools.

Maintain, Protect & Repair,

Chemical treatments damage hair beyond just one bond; therefore, solving just one problem is not enough.

It’s time to protect and repair hair with technology that considers the hair as a whole.

The products of the Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair™ line protect, repair, and maintain the function of the cuticle layer. They also repair internal damage to the hair, so that the difference can be felt and seen.

Cleanse & Condition

High-quality Four Reasons Professional hair care products work wonders on your hair every time you use them. The formulas cleanse, condition and care for different hair types in the best possible way. Find the hair products that are a perfect match for you.

Styling & Finishing

It is easy to create lasting, high-quality hairstyles with our Professional styling products. The formulas have been developed for the demanding needs of professional hair stylists and they work fantastically in daily styling as well as creating gala updos. Take your style to the next level!

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