Stylists’ wishes come true with Four Reasons Professional

19.9.2019, jani

We at Four Reasons believe that everyone is the most beautiful as themselves. We want to diversify the concept of beauty, make all people feel beautiful. We believe that by working together with professional hair stylists we can create daily experiences of good self-esteem for people. That is the core of our brand and our products.

Four Reasons Professional products have been designed to meet the demanding needs of hair professionals and they are made from high-quality, vegan ingredients in an environmentally sustainable way. In the hands of a professional hair stylist the products transform into luxurious experiences and feeling good about yourself. The product line that will only be sold from salons is easy to recommend to clients to take home with them, to bring a touch of luxury to everyday hair care as well as more special occasions.

Favorites and bestsellers behind the product development

We listened closely to the stylists during then product development for the new line. As Four Reasons Black Edition will give way to the new Four Reasons Professional, many of the most popular products will be transferred into the new Professional product selection. The favorite of many people, Beauty Primer, can be found in the new line with the name Styling Primer and The Whip has been re-named as Smoothing Foam.

When choosing the ingredients for Four Reasons Professional we have concentrated on picking ingredients that meet our high-quality standards and are also vegan, which means that there are no animal-based ingredients in any of the products. Some of the Four Reasons Black Edition products have been only given a vegan formula, while otherwise staying the same. This ”veganization” was done for the popular Toffee Wax that was the base product when developing the new Texture Wax. Vegan formulas were also designed for colored hair’s care products that are called Brilliant Color Shampoo and Conditioner in the new Professional line.

Fantastic novelties for professional use and for consumers

In addition to keeping the favorites in the selection, we are bringing in some lovely novelties that have been requested from us for a long time. Our goal is to offer a compact but versatile selection that reflects the hair industry trends and gives professional stylists everything they need in wash, care, style and finish.

Four Reasons Professional has a care product selection with a great choice of products for specific needs in salon work. Deep Cleansing Shampoo is the perfect product to use before perms, direct dyes or intensive conditioning treatments, as it removes all impurities like styling product residue, from the hair. This way the active ingredients are absorbed into the hair more effectively.

Our product development had searched for a long time for a cleansing product with conditioning properties for maintaining the cool shade of blonde hair that would effectively neutralize yellow pigments, without making hair look too grey. The long search was worth it: Four Reasons Professional No Yellow Shampoo contains a lot of pure violet pigment and conditioning ingredients, making it a truly great shampoo for keeping blonde shades bright and healthy. Hair looks like it is in better condition and has bouncy volume after using No Yellow Shampoo. Together with Four Reasons Professional Violet Styling Mousse this future bestseller product is the perfect protector of cool and bright blondes.

Some product tips from the new line

Many stylists had requested a hairspray with a super hold for even the toughest situations, and we have made this wish come true with the new Extreme Hold Spray. The name says it all – great fixing spray that you can trust to support even the most extreme styles! Strong hold is also offered by the new Four Reasons Professional Gel Glue, that is designed for styling short hair or defining small details of a hairstyle.

People with long hair are pampered with the new Four Reasons Professional Dry Shine Spray, which finishes the hairstyle with a light shine and removes all frizz from the ends without making hair feel or look heavy. You can keep the worst enemy of any hairstyle, humidity, away with Four Reasons Professional Humidity Shield. In addition to protecting the style form the frizz and flatness caused by humidity, it also offers soft hold that is perfect for keeping curled styles bouncy all day.

A new super product is also the Four Reasons Professional Body Boost, the perfect savior of a bad hair day and the dream product for everyone with fine, thin hair. Body Boost gives gorgeous volume and texture to even the finest hair and a nice bohemian, undone look – use this product to freshen up the hair during the day and keep a bottle with you wherever you go!

The do-it-all hero product, Four Reasons Professional Multi-Benefit Detangling Spray conditions, nourishes and protects hair, gives heat protection for blow-drying, adds shine and elasticity and makes long hair easier to style and manage. For salon work, this product also works great as a cutting lotion! This versatile product brings benefits to all hair but is especially wonderful for all long hair. The perfect product for traveling too – get many products’ benefits packed in one bottle!

A step towards our sustainability goals

Four Reasons Professional’s ingredient and packaging choices are one concrete step towards our environmental and ethical responsibility goals as a company. At the moment our product selection is already 95% vegan and our goal is to have a completely vegan product portfolio by the end of 2020. This goal has already been reached with Four Reasons Professional product line.

We are constantly looking for more ecological alternatives for our packaging, and our goal is to replace all plastic with recycled or bio-based plastic or other more ecological packaging materials, without compromising the product properties or use experience. Four Reasons Professional products are primarily packed in recycled plastic and for the wax jar the package will be made from bio-based plastic in the future.

Our sustainability goals also include the minimizing of our carbon footprint. Four Reasons Professional wash and care products are made in Finland and the styling product are made in Europe in certified factories we work with.