The most popular Color Mask in Finland is now Four Reasons Color Mask

The most popular line of toning products in Finland, Color Mask, is moving under the Four Reasons brand in a colorful package, elegantly remodeled.


Color Placement – a fusion of color and cut

The idea behind the color placement technique is to create contrast and strong, clear color segments that highlight the best…


Cheers to a thousand Optima hairdressers!

Four Reasons Optima hair color has been fantastically well received. Optima is now used in more than a thousand hair salons in Finland!


Stylists’ wishes come true with Four Reasons Professional

Four Reasons Professional products have been designed to meet the demanding needs of hair professionals and they are made from high-quality, vegan ingredients.


Four Reasons defends your right to feel beautiful

Read the story of Four Reasons growing from the ugly duck to a strong brand that wants to defend everyone’s right to feel beautiful.


Four Reasons Tutorial: Mermaid Braid

Check tutorial for trendy Mermaid Braid! Finish the style with new Four Reasons Professional products.


Hair stylists tested Four Reasons Optima for the first time – read their experiences & comments!

Before the official launch, we invited hair stylists to come to our studio to try Optima on real models over a few days in Helsinki. We wanted to hear what stylists thought about our latest innovation!


Four Reasons Professional – pure premium, for you and your hair

You know yourself and what you like. You show your strengths and dare to be who you really are. We created Four Reasons Professional product line for you, because you deserve something uniquely wonderful.


How to recycle all of our products used in salon work

We choose recyclable packaging materials, use appropriate packaging symbols and communicate ways to help people responsibly use and recycle our products. See how to recycle all of our products used in salon work.


From wishes to reality: Optima is here!

We interviewed our educator Harri Paananen about the recently launched Optima hair color. Harri is also responsible for the product development of our technical product portfolio.