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Hair trends for 2024: individuality and the 90s

14.12.2023, Four Reasons

If Cowgirl Copper, Wulf Cut, and Teddy Bear Bronde were the captivating hair trends of 2023, what will 2024 bring us? In 2024, hair trends are moving towards individuality and styles inspired by the 90s, bringing a new perspective to hair care and styling. Make the most of the trend report for 2024 compiled by Four Reasons trainer Jasmin Hurskainen and training manager Elisa Cavén and start your new year with va-va-voom!

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Personalization takes the forefront

In 2024, hair trends increasingly consider everyone’s unique features and personality. Suitability thinking is the perfect tool for considering individual uniqueness. Therefore, use colour, cut, and styling to highlight and bring out the best in your clients. What features do you want to emphasize, what colours make the eyes pop, what’s the perfect hair length for a strong jaw line?

Mixie cut becomes fashionable

Contour cutting is perfect when you want to frame the client’s face. Just like makeup can modify facial shape, a tailored haircut, such as layering, can do the same.

One haircut does not fit all, so it’s important to work with a professional to find what suits the client best. Short styles are always in fashion, but the latest trend is the Mixie cut: short, carefree, and edgy, a perfect combination of a pixie cut and a mullet.

It’s all about the 90s: the return of the 90s

Returning to the past is in, with focus on the styles from over three decades ago: the 90s hair trends are back with a modern twist (yes, the nineties were 30 years ago, we can move past that). Hair should have layers and a carefree texture combined with natural but rich tones.

Are hair accessories making a comeback? Styling is simplified

The year 2024 also emphasizes versatility in hair styling: easy to maintain yet striking.

In hair styling, blow-drying and various hair accessories, such as 90s familiar hair clips and headbands, are back in vogue. Hair clips, hair slides, donuts, headbands, and zigzag headbands… These 90s hair accessories will make a comeback. Traditional curlers are used less, as blow-drying becomes more popular – and of course, heatless curls continue to be a favorite.

Colours feature warmth and carefreeness

Colours can have warmth, richness, and carefreeness. Hair can have dark-to-light gradients, making it easier to maintain. Low-maintenance colouring doesn’t mean no maintenance at all. In colouring, individual features are highlighted, for example, lighter “money pieces” next to the face to bring brightness. This was also popular in the 90s! This technique can be cleverly used in copper, brown, and even dark colours, utilizing shade differences.

Product Recommendations

What do you need for a Bouncy Blowout or how to get texture and relaxed feel in a Mixie cut? Jasmin compiled her favorite products for 2024.

Bouncy Blowout Styling

Four Reasons Original series product recommendations:
Base Products: Best for blow-drying base: Four Reasons Original Volume Mousse and the award winning Four Reasons original Blow Dry Fluid
Finishing Products: For volume, structure, and hold: Four Reasons original Volume Texture Spray and Four Reasons Original Strong Styling Hairspray
Professional series product recommendations:
Base Products: For blow-drying base: Four Reasons Professional Fiber Mousse
Finishing Products: Four Reasons Professional Body Boost and Four Reasons Professional Finishing Spray

Mixie cut

Four Reasons Original series product recommendations:
Four Reasons Original Volume Powder or Four Reasons Original Fiber Wax
Professional series product recommendations:
Four Reasons Professional Texture Wax or Four Reasons Professional Body Boost

Shine to the hair

Four Reasons Original series product recommendations:
Four Reasons original Shine Spray
Four Reasons Professional series product recommendations:
Four Reasons Professional Dry Shine Spray

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