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Easy bun updo for festivities

21.11.2023, Four Reasons

Buns are timeless hairstyles, versatile, and surprisingly easy to modify. Curls create a very texturized base for the updo, and add the desired texture and volume. Read hairstyling expert Laura’s tips so you can create beautiful hairstyles for the upcoming party season.

From Curls to Ponytail

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Start by curling the hair: texture adds volume and liveliness. Use products that support the shape of the curls without making the hair heavy. For example, Four Reasons Original Volume Mousse provides a light hold while adding volume, and Four Reasons Original Styling Mist blow-dry spray gives flexible hold, heat protection, and a beautiful shine. Finish the curls with Four Reasons Original Volume Texture Spray to add more structure to the hair.

Once the curls are ready, gather the hair to the desired height and tie it into a ponytail. Leave money pieces at the front, if that’s the look you are going for. At this point, you can also slightly loosen the ponytail to achieve a more relaxed look.

Pro tip: hide the ponytail by taking a small section of hair from under the ponytail and wrapping it around. Finish and secure the hair section out of sight with a pin.

Grab and twist the ends

Pictures speak louder than a thousand words, but in short: grab the ends firmly and twist the hair with the help of the fingers of the other hand to create a beautiful loop.

Secure and Finish

Secure the hairstyle with pins and use your preferred hairspray for finishing. For example, apply Four Reasons Original Strong Styling Hairspray for a strong hold. If you want shine, add Four Reasons Original Shine Spray.


Tip: The bun can be varied in many ways. One way is to divide the hair into several sections and make several smaller ponytails, which can be twisted in differet ways to create buns.

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