4 Reasons to pamper your hair with certified natural cosmetics

16.9.2021, Four Reasons

Four Reasons Nature

Natural cosmetics have found their way into Finnish bathrooms and make-up bags with a bang. What’s the all hype about and what qualifies as natural cosmetics?


Interest towards the origin and ethicality of products has grown significantly, and an increasing number of people look for natural options for their plates as well as in hygiene products for themselves and their families. This has created quite a terminology jungle, and consumers’ piqued interest and demand has also been exploited by offering products that may not necessarily fulfil the criteria of natural cosmetics upon closer inspection.

Our Product Specialist Pia Nurmi and Product Development Chemist Jenni Virtanen shed light on the development work of the Four Reasons Nature product line and a product’s journey from a flower field to a hair salon.

Four Reasons Nature


“At Four Reasons, we wanted to introduce to the market a hair-salon-quality hair cosmetics line, which would meet even the strictest requirements for natural cosmetics. The guiding principle of the Four Reasons Nature product line was to develop a high-quality hair salon line, which would combine the best properties of traditional and natural cosmetics while meeting the strict criteria of natural cosmetics. We spent a long time investigating the standards and looking for the most suitable one, and we decided on the ECOCERT Cosmos standard, which is the best known and most extensive certification system currently in use.

It’s relieving to have a reliable party that determines the criteria and supervises the entire production chain from raw materials and recipes to packaging. It also means that customers can be sure they are receiving a high-quality, genuine and sustainable natural cosmetics product when they buy a certified Four Reasons Nature product,” Jenni describes.


The development process of a certified hair cosmetics product is long because, for example, fewer raw materials meeting the criteria are available. After a long testing phase, we succeeded in creating consistencies that meet our quality criteria. “The Four Reasons Nature products contain at least 99% natural ingredients, and the products are brimming with lovely effective agents straight from nature,” says Pia.

Perhaps the most discernible difference between natural and traditional cosmetics is that silicone is not allowed in natural cosmetics. Many traditional hair products make hair smoother and less frizzy with silicones, but natural cosmetics opt for natural alternatives, waxes and oils. No wonder the nourishing and conditioning composition of the Four Reasons Nature Moisture Oil hair oil has been noted and awarded in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020, for example.


The Four Reasons Nature products are made in Finland at the Transmeri Group plant, which uses 100% certified wind power. This means that the products can be sold to customers as local production with a clean conscience.

“Ecocert audits all raw material purchases, recipes and stages of the production process twice a year so customers can be certain that products with an ECOCERT Cosmos Natural certification are consistent in quality and that the ingredients and recipes are worthy of the granted certificate,” says Jenni.


In 2019, Four Reasons was among the first manufacturers to start using packaging made of recycled plastic with hair cosmetics products. “After extensive testing, we found a solution that met our color and packaging design requirements. When a bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic, it can never be completely clear, and there is always some variation with the shades and thickness of the material. This means that these have to be considered as a unique property of a sustainable recycled material, not as a flaw.

The labels of the Nature products are made of renewable wood-based material by the Finnish forestry company UPM. In the future, the material will remain the same but we will change the labels to increase coverage and improve readability gradually,” Pia says.


Preferring natural cosmetics is largely an ethical choice, and the use of the products often comes with a desire to protect nature and use raw materials sustainably. Natural cosmetics also offer gentle and pampering alternatives: those who have used natural cosmetics hair products have said their hair feels completely different to before when they used traditional hair products.

“After using Nature Moisture Shampoo, my hair is incredibly voluminous and fluffy, as natural as washed with rain water. It’s crucial for hair stylists to know the properties of the products they recommend to choose the right products for the customer that also match their values and the needs of their hair. The Nature products are a perfect option for hair in good condition that has not been processed much, and men, for example, are a great target group for these products, which you might not think at first,” Pia says.

Pia’s insider tip: “The Nature product line will be complemented in September with three styling products with no propellants. They are easy to fall in love with even if it’s your first time with natural cosmetics!”


NEW! Four Reasons Nature styling products

The Nature styling products offer you protection, strong support and durability – what more could you hope for? While the content of the product is as delicious as the packaging, there is more to this than meets the eye: The Nature product line has a Cosmos Natural certificate issued by ECOCERT®, so you can trust that the ingredients are natural and the production and packaging ecological. In other words, you do not need to worry about the sustainability and naturalness of the ingredients – that’s all taken care of!

Just remember this: The Nature styling products are made for you: with these products, you can create any style easily and naturally. The products are 100% vegan, 99% of natural origin and made in Finland. And, of course, 100% delicious! Four Reasons Nature is ethical luxury that respects the environment.

Strong Hairspray – Strong hairspray

This strong and non-aerosol hairspray gives flexible hold and volume to your hair. The product also protects your hair from humidity and heat up to 230°C, so you can feel free to use the product under a straightener to provide firm support – talk about all in one! The product contains organic sea buckthorn and apricot extract. Sounds delicious, but only use it on hair.

The Nature Strong Hairspray is vegan and made of natural ingredients. The product has an international Cosmos Natural certificate issued by ECOCERT®. The packaging is made of recycled plastic and can be recycled. The product is fragrance-free.

How to use: Shake well before use. Spray on dry hair. The product can also be applied before using a straightener or a curling iron. 

Active Ingredients: Contains organic sea buckthorn and apricot extract.

Styling Mousse – Volumizing mousse

The volumizing styling mousse with a fresh scent creates rough structure and lift to your hairdo. The product protects your hair from the heat of hairdryers and from humidity. The consistency of the styling mousse is airy and light, so it is easy to apply and spread on the hair. Your hair feels airy and your hands won’t get sticky! Contains organic sea buckthorn, apricot and silver linden bud extract.

The Nature Styling Mousse is vegan and made of natural ingredients. The product has an international Cosmos Natural certificate issued by ECOCERT®. The packaging is made of recycled plastic and can be recycled.

How to use: Shake well before use. Squeeze out the product in your palm, apply to hair and dry. Style as you like. 

Active Ingredients: Active ingredients are organic sea buckthorn and apricot extract. Made with organic silver linden bud extract.

Heat Protection Spray – Heat shield spray

This protection will not let you down: The Nature Heat Protection Spray protects your hair from humidity and straightener’s heat up to 230°C. It’s easy to use and provides treatability and flexible support. This spray is well suited as the foundation of diverse hairdos and for daily use to support your go-to style. Contains organic sea buckthorn and apricot extract as well as vegetable proteins.

The Heat Protection Spray is vegan and made of natural ingredients. The product has an international Cosmos Natural certificate issued by ECOCERT®. The packaging is made of recycled plastic and can be recycled. The product is fragrance-free.

How to use: Shake well before use. Spray on dry hair one section at a time before using a straightener or a curling iron. Style as you like. 

Active Ingredients: Contains organic sea buckthorn and apricot extract.

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