The great hairspray comparison: light, strong or super strong hold?

29.5.2023, Four Reasons

Oh, hairspray: the savior of Monday morning, the champion of static hold, and the party’s honored guest. What would we do without you? Everyone has at least that one hairspray that they take out of the bathroom cabinet every month for that one special occasion. At best, hairspray can be so good that it won’t even remain in the cabinet for too long. What kind of hairspray do you need?

We compared our 12 hairsprays, all developed just to meet your needs. We have something strong, light, flexible and fragrance-free. And to make it easier for you to find the best one for you, we listed our products by their strength, from the lightest to the strongest. The hold level of each hairspray is mentioned at the end of the title and on the side the hairspray bottle.


Light and flexible hold hairsprays | 3–4

These hairsprays are suitable for you especially if curls and beach waves, for example, are your style. Select a light and flexible hairspray if you want your hair to remain bouncy and looking soft. Light hairsprays are especially suited to finish your hairstyle, when you squeeze and move the curls in your fingertips for a full-bodied result.

Fast drying and light hairsprays are also suitable for straight hair when you want to prevent your hair from frizzing and curling during humid weather. Your hair stays smooth and light with a natural flow. Light hold hairspray is also easy to brush off at the end of the day.


Original Styling Hairspray | 3

• Weightless and flexible locks, maintains the movement in the hair
• For styling, fixing, and natural finish
• Dries fast


Professional Humidity Shield | 3

• Protects your hair from humidity
• Strong, smoothing shield against frizzy and flat hair
• Natural, soft hold


Professional Working Spray | 3

• For styling and finishing
• Dries fast and is easy to brush off
• Looks and feels natural


Professional Elastic Volume Spray | 4

• Volume and body
• Increase the hold by applying more layers
• Natural movement, flexibility


Strong hold hairsprays | 4

Stronghold hairsprays are especially suitable for, for example, tight and separated curls. You can use these hairsprays for your daily hairdos, such as light ponytails and buns. Stronger hairsprays provide a strong and flexible hold, and a beautiful and natural shine. There is also a fragrance-free option available!

A strong hold hairspray is a good general hairspray that you can use to create both light and more long-lasting hairdos. If you only want to own one hairspray, choose one of these.


Original Strong Hairspray | 4

• Strong & flexible hold
• Beautiful shine
• Protects from humidity


Original Strong Styling Hairspray | 4

• Natural but strong finish
• Fast drying and weightless
• Airy


No Nothing Sensitive Strong Hairspray | 4

• Beautiful shine and hold
• Keeps the frizz away and smooths
• Fragrance-free


Super strong hold hairsprays | 5

Super strong hold hairsprays are made for day-to-night hairstyles when you need your hairdo to stay supported and immobile. For example, super strong spray is perfect for that finished bun at the nape of your neck. The hair becomes easier to control and it stays in place.

Select a super strong hairspray if you like to keep your hair up often and your hairdo needs to last from dawn to dusk.


Original Super Strong Hairspray | 5

• Super strong hold
• Beautiful shine
• Protects from humidity


Professional Finishing Spray | 5

• For fixing and finishing
• Flexible, long-lasting support
• Increase the hold by applying more layers


No Nothing Sensitive Super Strong Hairspray | 5

• Beautiful shine
• Keeps the frizz away and smooths
• Fragrance-free


SUPER strong hold hairsprays | 6

These hairsprays come into play when nothing else works. When the hair must stay immobile, go for SUPER strong hairspray. Extremely strong hairsprays are excellently suited for people with short hair, used together with wax or gel. Select these when you want a neat and sleek look that isn’t phased by the wind.

From this category, you can also find a wet look hairspray in a pump-action bottle that you can easily spray exactly where you need it. Wet look hairspray gives you a shiny finish, but make sure to pay attention when spraying the product: avoid flat hair by spraying the product from far enough away!


Professional Extreme Hold Spray | 6

• Fixes and provides long-lasting support without flattening the hair
• Fine hairspray
• Maintains the hair’s natural movement


Original Freeze & Shine Hairspray | 6

• Pump spray can and wet consistency
• Strong, firm support
• The hair stays immobile

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