Raise your hand if you’re weird! | We collected your loveliest weirdnesses

19.8.2021, Meri

Well, hello there, you beautiful weirdo. At the end of last year, we conducted a survey where you got to reveal your deepest and darkest secrets from behind closed doors. We’re not talking about the skeletons in your closets, but the things we do at home when nobody is watching. We received 1,265 responses from you lovely weirdos, and not one of them left us cold! We collected your weirdest, most relatable, and empowering delights. Stay weird, gorgeous!

We come in many varieties – and hairstyles: brunette, blond and flaming redhead. Some of us have a lovely shade of gray, and some don’t have any hair at all. But we are all weird one way or another – don’t try to argue, I know you sing in the shower or check the fridge every hour just in case some treats have miraculously appeared there. Weirdness is what makes us us, and like one wise brunette in our survey said: “Some things are funnier alone.” We couldn’t have put it any better. So, what are these secret weirdnesses that you so confidently revealed to us? Well, here they are:


Shower jukebox or shower song critic?

Nearly two out of three respondents sing in the shower at least every now and then. Among you, there were demanding divas and kings of karaoke to whom it didn’t matter which song you sang as long as you sang it loudly. Who are you when you sing in the shower? Do you put on your shower cap, grab the brush, and perform Poker Face with choreography and all, or are you the Beyonce in your life with your cat and shampoo bottles as the devoted audience? And what’s your go-to song? Without further ado, here are some of your responses, unfiltered:


“Whatever the current earworm is, I’m not critical when comes to shower songs!”

“My go-to song varies with the seasons. I’m basically a shower jukebox.”

“A little duckling swam in the water.”

“Some old jazz, blues, or swing. When I get ready, I picture my bathroom as a smoky jazz club of the early 20th century.”

“On Fridays, Matti Servo’s Viikonloppu (weekend).”

“Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On of course. At the same time, I can slide my hand along the steamed glass of the shower cubicle.”


House plants love to listen

Respondents include a wide variety of chatters and chatterboxes; some talk to themselves and up to 34% of respondents to their pets. Again, 11% of you practice receiving an award and the victory speech in the shower. The weirdest, and maybe also the loveliest, is that many of you consider the house plant the perfect object to talk to. I must admit it does make sense, since despite their sharp thorns, Rose and Lily never taunt or argue! With house plants, you are also always guaranteed to be the audience’s favorite. Here are your most hilarious responses when it comes to talking to yourself:


“I speak fake Japanese to my cats.”

“I talk to myself. Sometimes I even argue and debate with myself.”

“I talk to myself and the cats, of course, and I, of course, get the answer I was expecting.”

“I talk to the dog. It never argues.”

“I talk to the house plants often, and I apologize to them if they haven’t been watered.”

“I talk to my plants! I don’t have children or pets, so I talk to my plants, they have names too.”


Misery loves company – not!

Many find their own weirdnesses as something personal, lovely, and private that is nobody else’s business. At best, time alone can charge your batteries and relax you. When you’re alone, you can also pay special attention to your own well-being and self-acceptance. Whoever said that self-praise is no recommendation is wrong! It’s completely okay to talk to yourself, and it should be recommended! Many of you have already noticed that by praising and encouraging yourself you can effectively boost your self-esteem. But sometimes chattering at home makes no sense, and it really doesn’t have to. It’s just fun.


“I praise and thank myself at home when nobody can see.”

“I imitate Jussi Halla-Aho. And eat green jellies.”

“I say the things that weigh on my mind out loud as if I was talking to another person. This way I get things out my system and get insight into what to do next.”

“I talk to myself when I think nobody’s watching or listening. Often somebody does see or hear me. People who know me are already used to hearing whispers whenever I go into the bathroom.”

“I laugh at things that I find funny. Who would be a better person to understand me than me?”


Embarrassing – or is it?

Why are we so scared to be weird in front of others? At the latest, this survey made it clear to at least us that everyone else is just as weird and original as we are. Why wouldn’t we show our funny side to others as well? Sometimes our own funny habits can become even more funny when we share them with someone else. We loved hearing the reasons why you haven’t yet revealed your wonderfully weird side to the world, so here are a few of your responses – just for fun:


“Talking to yourself can be considered a bit too weird. And as an introvert, you would startle if someone answered back.”

“People are often very negative, and I don’t need the bad vibes.”

“It would just inspire jealousy when I’m so good at so many things.”

“Because being alone is part of the fun. The presence of others takes away that sense of freedom in doing something.”

“I want to maintain some sort of impression of a sensible adult.”


..don’t we all? Still, we believe that the era of shame and embarrassment is beginning to be over. You can reveal your unique weirdness to other people too, not just to your pets! Shamelessly eat green jellies in front of others and sing opera in the shower or in the backyard so that your neighbors can hear you too. Without all the hiding, we can all feel a little less weird and a little more lovely, right? 😉


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