Home hair dye in a salon – does that make any sense?

12.2.2021, Jonna

The words ‘home dye’ usually give professional stylists the chills. Not because they are afraid of losing their jobs to amazing, homemade dye jobs. Quite the contrary. Just the thought of trying to achieve balayage highlights or radical color changes in a home bathroom makes stylists cringe; what to do when the customer arrives at the salon, hoping to get the mess sorted out? Everyone probably agrees that a “market dye” can’t reach the same result as a customized color treatment by a professional stylist. Why, then, bring home dyes to salons? Can salons sell a home dye that would serve both the customer and the stylist? We’ve compiled a list of situations where home dye truly comes in handy.

Home hair dyes deserve a place on salon shelves – keep reading to learn why!

Color maintenance

Today, customers expect a lot from their dye jobs. People want to keep their blond shades pure, their reds glowing and their brunette tones rich and gorgeous. Informed customers know how to tone their hair, and the range of products designed to condition and maintain the hair is staggering. The toning power of the Four Reasons Takeaway Color home dye is perfect for maintaining a vibrant and intense shade between salon visits.

Security of supply

We all know the customer who arrives at the salon on a Friday afternoon, hoping to get their hair fixed for a party tomorrow. The weekend is fully booked and the poor stylist is unable to find an opening. That is when a properly consulted home dye saves the hair crisis and the day – and the customer may learn to book their hair appointment in time.

A wallet-friendly option

We all go through different situations in life. Not everyone wants to pay for a toning service every time they visit a salon, they may have been too busy to attend to their hair due to a busy schedule or the pandemic may have affected their financial situation. A customer who opts for a home dye today may become a satisfied salon customer in the near future.

Provide better hair service than a supermarket

The fact is that people dye their hair at home all the time. Consumers browse the selection in the supermarket and choose their products nearly blind. In all of these cases, your customer has previously bought their home dye in a supermarket, so why not offer a reasonably priced, salon-quality option while increasing your revenue?

A high-quality home dye purchased at a salon and a shade selected with the help of a stylist guarantee a great result. This may also entice a first-time customer to try the services of your salon later after receiving such excellent service.

To ensure a successful home dye job, it is important to check that the customer is not looking for a radical change. Selecting the right shade is vitally important and should be discussed with a professional. When the customer’s hopes get too big for their home salon, it is best to book an appointment with a skillful stylist.


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