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WINNER: Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment Is The Best Strengthening conditioner

22.5.2024, Four Reasons

🎉 Good news! 🎉

The winners of the 2024 Universal Beauty Awards have been announced… and spoiler alert: Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® has won!

With just over 700 entries in this year’s 2024 Universal Beauty Awards from all over the world, the competition to find the best of the best in the beauty industry was fierce. The jury, a team of top cosmetic experts judged all the products over several months and have selected the must-have beauty products for 2024 – and they truly saw a difference!

The Best Strengthening conditioner: Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment

Among over 700 products and brands, Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment has won gold in the Best Strengthening Conditioner category! 🏆 You can view the list of all winners here.

Additionally, the Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® Shampoo received a Highly Recommended mention in the Best Strengthening Shampoo category and Four Reasons was similarly honored as the best haircare brand!

What is Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment?

Suitable for damaged hair, Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair™ Treatment features Bio-Molecule Repair™ technology, which protects hair from damage, maintains its moisture balance, and repairs and strengthens hair both inside and out. It detangles and makes hair easier to handle without weighing it down. You can learn more about the innovative technology on our blog.

Here’s what other Hair Professionals have said about Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment

  • “From the first use, I noticed how much stronger the hair felt and it was very easy to detangle. Everyone knows how annoying tangled ends can be, but with the Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment, there was hardly any need to ‘tear’ the hair at the washing station, it almost detangled itself.” – Heavyhair
  • “After the Treatment, I immediately felt that my hair was well-detangled and smoothed.” – Tähtikampaamo
  • “Even though this hair has been tested with all kinds of products, no product has given such a clear feel and shine as this one!” – Luxy
  • “The Treatment at the washing station was superb, detangling the hair very well, which always speeds up work 🙏🏻 Great product! 🔥” – Roosa Mononen
  • “The effect of the Treatment at the washing station was immediate in the hair. How it instantly felt completely different, soft, and smooth 😍” – Maarit Heinonen

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