“Truly in a Class of Its Own, There’s Really Nothing to Compare!” Professional Comments on Bio-Molecule Repair®

16.5.2024, Four Reasons

The products from Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® line have transformed many hairdressers’ workday, not to mention their clients’ hair days. Versatile products, positive user experiences, and outstanding results speak volumes. Read the testimonials from professionals!

Efficiency and Versatility Are a Big Plus

Roosa Mononen speaks on the versatility of the Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray: “The treatment with this technical spray is quick and effortless, and it can be seamlessly integrated either as a standalone treatment or during colouring.” The difference has been noticeable, as the product’s lovely scent and detangling effect at the washing station have greatly sped up Roosa’s workflow. You can find Roosa’s work on Instagram at @hairstylistroosa.

Hanna Q’s salon is convinced of the new product line’s uniqueness: “There have been good hair care products before, but this is truly in a class of its own! There’s just nothing to compare it to.” You can find Hanna on Instagram @Parturikampaamohannaq.

Immediate Impact

Maarit Heinonen felt the difference after the first use: “The effect of the Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment at the washing station was visible immediately. How the hair immediately felt so different and soft?” Maarit marvels.

At Tähtikampaamo, the hair’s long-lasting softness was noticed: “After the treatment, the hair does not only detangle but also feels smoother. The hair ends remain soft and smooth even until the next day, and best of all:

“The product leaves a longer-lasting treated feeling in the hair compared to many bigger brands.”

Stronger and More Receptive Hair

After just a week of use, Hanna Q was ready to recommend the products to everyone, especially those who chemically treat their hair or use heat tools.

“I can sincerely recommend these to everyone after just under a week of use, especially if you at all treat your hair chemically or with heat tools.”

And according to Hanna, the effectiveness of Bio-Molecule Repair® products is not limited to temporary results. “From just one use, you will notice a difference: the hair is stronger and more receptive to dyeing and lightening. Even after lightening, the hair feels better than at the start, which is quite rare.”

At Heavyhair salon, the strengthening effect of the products was noticed: “Right from the first use, you could see how much stronger the hair became and it was very easy to detangle. Everyone knows how annoying tangled ends can be, but with the Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment, there was no need to ‘rip’ at the hair at the washing station; the hair almost detangled itself.”

Four Reasons

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