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The cause of oily hair can be found in your scalp | How to make your flat hair clean and voluminous

14.5.2021, Meri

An oily scalp is often to blame for flat and lifeless hair. Just like everyone else, we’ve had our fair share of flat hairstyles, so we know how frustrating it can be. An oily scalp can also lead to oily dandruff that can be a real headache by itching and falling out of the hair as the day goes by. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.

There are many causes for an oily scalp and the bad-hair days it brings, including hormones, skin type, insufficient diet, or inflammation. Scalp problems are individual, and therefore, the treatments vary. We know that you love to take care of your face and your hair, but don’t forget to show a little love to your scalp too. First, you need to establish the cause for your hair issues and start treatment after you know the cause and symptoms. You may make your symptoms worse by applying incorrect treatment – so be careful! Even if your hair seems to get oily at a record pace, the cause may lie in your scalp.

Now it’s time to play detective and take out your magnifying glass. Inspect your scalp and keep the following tips and advice in mind. Because we know how annoying it can be to solve scalp problems day in, day out, we collected all the tips to treat your scalp in one place. All you need to do is find the best ones for you!


Scalp inflammation – be gone

An oily scalp is a common issue that can often lead to an inflammation. Inflammation can occur when the scalp produces excessive amounts of sebum that the yeast fungus feeds on. Genetically, some people produce more sebum, and occasionally the symptoms may start during puberty or later during adulthood triggered by different factors. If left untreated, an oily scalp can lead to a repetitive cycle. So, if you want help for the itchiness and dandruff, you may want to start treating your scalp as soon as possible.

Washing your hair daily with shampoo is a great way generally to treat an oily scalp. By using the correct products to regularly wash your hair, you will help the inflammation, ease the symptoms, and give a more refreshing and full-bodied base to your hairdo. Generally, styling products or hair treatments do not have a long-term effect on dandruff, but if your scalp is inflamed and you get a negative reaction from, for example, added fragrances, you should definitely leave them out. You do you, hun! If fragrances in particular cause hypersensitivity on your skin, you may want to favor unscented styling products for your hair. Our favorites are Sensitive Dry Shampoo Foam and Sensitive Strong Hairspray from the Four Reasons No Nothing line.

Oily dandruff is different from dry dandruff as the oily flakes are larger and have a yellowish tint, and you can find them on the skin close to your face. Favor refreshing and exfoliating products to treat oily scalp. Try, for example, Four Reasons Original Scalp Scrub Shampoo that contains organic rice grains and lactic acid that lightly exfoliate the scalp.


Tea tree oil to help with the symptoms

Oily scalp loves tea tree oil products! And who wouldn’t? Tea tree oil is a versatile ingredient that sooths, treats, and is also easy to use in different forms for different needs. Tea tree oil leaves the scalp feeling refreshed and with a clean scent. Tea tree oil is much-wanted first aid to an irritated and itchy scalp. Luckily, you don’t need a first-aid course for this one; the soothing product will do everything for you.

I’m not a regular shampoo, I’m a cool shampoo! This is how the Four Reasons Original Scalp Refreshing tea tree oil shampoo that eases an itchy and flaky scalp would describe itself. The menthol in the product refreshes the scalp and leaves a pleasant, cool feeling. A refreshing scent of herbs and lemon takes your mind from hair problems to summery citrus gardens. The combination of active ingredients sooth the unpleasant sensation in the scalp and brings a sense of relief. Whew!

Four Reasons Original Scalp Refreshing tea tree oil conditioner is especially suitable for treating an oily scalp, oily dandruff, and scalp impurities, or whenever you want to create a refreshing, cool feeling in your scalp.


Do you have scalp buildup?

If your hair still feels oily after washing your hair and you’re not sure whether the problem is an oily scalp or something else entirely, you most likely have scalp buildup. A scalp buildup means typically product residue, dirt or dead skin cells that has built up on the scalp. If left untreated, these can even block the pores of the scalp and cause irritation or inflammation. You experience this as sticky hair that is difficult to style and an itchy scalp. This is also something you should get over and done with to make way for better hair days.

As you probably are aware, when your pores are clogged, you need to exfoliate and moisturize. Treating your hair is pretty much the same, as it is the exfoliating and moisturizing shampoo that removes styling product residues from your scalp. Deep cleansing shampoo works wonders on scalp build up and hair that goes through a lot of dry shampoo. For example, try using Four Reasons Original Deep Cleanse Shampoo weekly and add a refreshing tonic to pamper your scalp, like Four Reasons Original Scalp Revitalizing Tonic.


Consult a hair stylist

If it’s almost time for your monthly salon visit, and you’d like to know more about treating your scalp, don’t be shy about consulting your hair stylist. Hair stylists know what your hair and scalp need and can advise you on the right products. You don’t have to be embarrassed of scalp problems – on the contrary! We all have oily hair or an itchy scalp from time to time. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer from the symptoms when you find the right means to suit your needs!

So not everything is as it seems. Go deeper than the surface and find out if it is your scalp and not the hair that needs a special treatment. Once you find the right products and means, not even a hat can hold your voluminous hair back!


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