Hairstyle trends of summer 2021 – Check out Laura Aaltonen’s tips!

24.5.2021, Jonna

Laura Aaltonen’s hair styling courses have long been super popular. The courses are also popular this spring; regardless of the coronavirus, hair professionals want to polish their styling skills, and there is extra interest in express hair styles including coloring and cutting. Hair professionals can use express styling to add value easily and quickly to the customer. When the customer goes home with a new haircut and color with a nice hairdo, they feel like they got something extra during their visit! Summer is fast approaching, and we asked Laura for her views on the latest trends in hair styling.

What are the new hairdo trends in the summer of 2021?

  1. Keep it natural

The common denominator of the trendiest hairstyles is their natural flow, and effortlessness. The natural look is especially evident in the bun hairstyles – nothing too sleek and nothing too curly. The perfect effortless bun looks like you just casually tied it up in a bun – and it came out looking super good and sensual of course. The bun still focuses on the neck region but is slowly rising higher and higher. Use your creativity and play around with the focal point!

  1. Bring in the accessories

Accessorize the hair to make the hairdo unique and add a certain je ne sais quoi – bows, pins, hairbands are perfect for the spring and summer trends. You can also create a gorgeous hairband look with different scarfs! The trends reflect 1960s style, including backcombing and light waves. Hairbands are especially exquisite with this particular style! The 90’s style is still in; middle parts, strands of hair on the forehead, butterfly clips, tube curls, and small braids. Love it!

  1. Playful and creative – and something yellow

The customers are in the need of bubbly positivity and playful accessories right now. Make a bubble ponytail to bring something playful and impressive to your hairdo. Colors are another easy way to be playful. Yellow is one of the cheerful theme colors of the season. Try combining cheerfully colored fibers with your hairdo for a new kind of look.

Laura’s go-to Four Reasons Professional products for hairdos

To protect the hair

I tend to use curling or straightening irons in most hairdos, so heat shield products are a must. It’s important that the heat shield has a weightless composition as we use different styling and finishing products throughout the styling, and the hair must remain as airy and mobile as possible. My go-to product is Four Reasons Professional Heat Shield, that helps me achieve the perfect end result!

For priming

I always recommend volumizing products for hairdos because they give the best base for the hairdo. Use the Root Booster from the Four Reasons Professional line for excellent texture and good lift for the roots. It’s a great product that can be used from buns to curls, and it provides the necessary support without making the hair look heavy.

For the creation

In my opinion, the best hairspray for creating a hairdo Four Reasons Professional Working Spray. It holds the hair together without hardening the surface of the hair and makes it easy to style the hair the way I want. Hairspray is an important product at the assembly stage, so take the time to select the right one!


When the aim is to get the effortless look, you can forget products that are too wet and glossy. Four Reasons Professional Dry Shine Spray is a perfect finishing product for any hairdo. The gloss is very refined and leaves a nice and natural feel in the hair.


The number one product for braids is Four Reasons Professional Fiber Wax! The product provides sufficient structure and hold to the base while leaving the hair flexible and easy to handle. To braid synthetic hair, you will need a stronger product, for which Four Reasons Professional Gel Glue would fit nicely.


Jonnasta sanottua: Jonna on rempseä, iloinen ja värikäs persoona, joka suhtautuu kaikkeen positiivisen uteliaasti. Tämä energinen ja oma-aloitteinen tyylitaituri on toimistomme väripilkku ja päiviemme piristys!