Four Reasons Color Mask NEW PRODUCT: Color Mask Intense

12.5.2021, Jonna

Color Mask Intense products can be used to tone the hair and maintain color the same way as the original Color Masks. However, the Intense products have been developed especially for radical changes when the customer wants something more extravagant. Because Intense Toning Treatment contains more pigments, the results are stronger and more intensive than with other Four Reasons Color Masks. The products have been developed so that colors can be mixed with other Color Masks or added to conditioner for a lighter finish.

“Intensely long-lasting. The shine lasted well!”

In tests, hair professionals praised the products of the Four Reasons Color Mask Intense line for the color shine and the composition that was easy to work with. The composition could be described as something between a gel and cream, which also makes the product long lasting, and easy to apply to the hair. The product is conditioning and extremely rich in pigment, and these two characteristics ensure a fantastic shine for the hair. According to the hair professionals, the durability of the color was also fantastic. The hair professionals got really excited about the Blue tone: “The blue is so incredibly deep blue.”

Four Reasons Color Mask Intense benefits from the conditioning base of Color Mask while having the efficiency of a strong direct dye! You can use the product the same way you use direct dyes – You’ll just get a conditioning with it.

The selection includes four conditioning direct dye tones: Blue, Fuchsia, Violet and Pink. Every product is 100% vegan, ammonia-free, and packed in recyclable material.

You can recommend the Intense products for a customer who is familiar with direct dyes and hopes to have an intense finish. These products are for the boldest DIY artist or for those whose hair color is part of their brand.


Four Reasons Educational Content Specialist Linda Lehto’s technical inspiration for the use of Intense tones!

Only dye a certain part of the hair, such as the bottom or front. You can create a super nice contrast with the base tone.

Divide the hair into two parts and dye the sections with different tones. My personal favorites are Pink and Violet – they work excellently as a combination as well!

Blend the color only to the ends of hair. Be careful to apply the color evenly for a soft outcome and to avoid clear lines.

Use creativity and create a new look. Use all Intense tones if you want to! Section the hair for the desired outcome. You can use creativity even within one section. Ombre several colors in the section for extra movement in the color. The only limit with this technique is your imagination!

Do you want a vibrant tone that lasts almost too long and gives you a stunning gloss? Take Intense.



Jonnasta sanottua: Jonna on rempseä, iloinen ja värikäs persoona, joka suhtautuu kaikkeen positiivisen uteliaasti. Tämä energinen ja oma-aloitteinen tyylitaituri on toimistomme väripilkku ja päiviemme piristys!