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Bio-Molecule Repair® – the multitasker in the salon

25.6.2024, Four Reasons

Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® is a new hair protection and repair technology for salons. Sara Kumpulainen, product development coordinator at Four Reasons, explains how and in what situations Bio-Molecule Repair® products best assist hairdressers – and clients.

When time is money

Bio-Molecule Repair® products are perfectly suited for salon work. Sara emphasizes the easiness of Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray, its quick application, and short, four-minute processing time.

“While the product works in the hair, the hairdresser can efficiently mix colours, saving valuable time.”

Valuable aid for toning and lightening

After lightening, the Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray should also be used before toning if the condition of the hair requires it. The product maintains the integrity of the hair during dyeing treatments. It also protects against the stress and potential damage that toning might cause. The better the condition of the hair, the better the tone will hold!

For clients who regularly lighten their hair, it usually leads to infamous overlapping. “Bio-Molecule Repair helps prevent the stress and wear caused by lightening and overlap on the hair,” Sara summarizes.

Perming treated hair

If you want to use a pre-treatment before perming, Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray is an excellent product. For very porous hair, use Bio-Molecule Protect Spray after rinsing the perm solution and before applying the neutralizer. “This technique protects the hair and ensures that the perm holds better,” Sara explains.

Intensive treatment for damaged hair

What to do when a client has extremely damaged hair that should not yet be dyed? To always offer a solution to clients, Sara recommends an intensive treatment session with Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® products: “Apply Bio-Molecule Repair® Protect Spray to the hair and let it work. Wash the hair with Bio-Molecule Repair® Shampoo and use Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment as a conditioner, then finish the treatment by applying Bio-Molecule Repair® Serum to towel-dried hair. Also, recommend Bio-Molecule Repair® Shampoo, Treatment, and Serum for home care!” Salon treatment repairs hair, and home care prepares it for future dyeing.

Offer salon-level care at home

According to Sara, continuous home care with Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair® products is essential for hair condition. It’s beneficial to maintain hair between salon visits to ensure that the repair work done in the salon is not wasted at home.

Even though the effect of Bio-Molecule Repair® is immediate, its work on the hair is endless. Therefore, Sara advises recommending maintenance home care products to clients: “Bio-Molecule Repair® Treatment and Shampoo are suitable for daily use. Bio-Molecule Repair® Serum repairs and protects hair from environmental stress, heat treatments, and mechanical damage.

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