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A closer look at the new Four Reasons Bio-Molecule Repair™ products

21.2.2024, Four Reasons

Discover the new innovation that provides the perfect tool for chemical treatments. Four Reasons Bio-Molecule Repair™ Protect Spray is a unique tool for all chemical treatments done in the salon. The Bio-Molecule Repair™ line’s shampoo, treatment, and serum complete the treatment both in the salon and at home.

Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair™ products – at the top of hair technology

Hair is damaged in chemical treatments not just from one bond: hence, solving just one problem is not enough.

It’s time to protect and repair hair with technology that considers the hair as a whole.

Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair™ line products protect, repair, and maintain the function of the cuticle layer and repair internal damages of the hair so that the difference can be felt and seen.

Bio-Molecule Repair™ Protect Spray

This technical spray is a repairing, protecting, and maintaining product for professional use. The spray encapsulates all the active ingredients of the Bio-Molecule Repair™ technology, making it an advanced tool for chemical treatments. The spray maintains the function of the cuticle layer and repairs internal damages of the hair.

Professional Bio-Molecule Repair™ Shampoo

Shampoo containing Bio-Molecule Repair™ technology helps protect hair from damage, maintains its moisture balance, and repairs and strengthens hair both inside and out.

Bio-Molecule Repair™ Treatment

An intensive treatment suitable for damaged hair contains Bio-Molecule Repair™ technology, which protects hair from damage, maintains its moisture balance, and repairs and strengthens hair inside and out. It detangles and facilitates hair styling without weighing it down.

Bio-Molecule Repair™ Serum

A serum suitable for damaged hair. Choose the serum for treated or stressed hair that needs strengthening. The serum prevents hair frizziness and protects hair from damage caused by heat styling, environmental factors, and chemical treatments.

How to fully utilize Bio-Molecule Repair™ products

The effectiveness of Four Reasons Professional Bio-Molecule Repair™ products is best noticed in treated or damaged hair and in especially with bleaching. Perform a comprehensive Bio-Molecule Repair™ treatment by using all the products of the Bio-Molecule Repair™ line.

Instructions for use

  1. Spray Bio-Molecule Repair™ Protect Spray 2–5 sprays into sections about 2 cm thick depending on the length of the hair, comb through, and let it act for 4 minutes before starting the chemical treatment (bleaching, colouring, perming, or keratin treatment).
  2. After the chemical treatment, rinse the hair, lather a small amount of Bio-Molecule Repair™ Shampoo thoroughly into the hair and rinse. Repeat this step as sulfate-free shampoos usually foam better on the second wash.
  3. After shampooing, apply Bio-Molecule Repair™ Treatment to towel-dried hair, let it act for a moment, and rinse thoroughly with water.
    Towel dry the hair and finish the treatment by applying Bio-Molecule Repair™ Serum to the hair and style as desired.


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