The hottest hairstyle this spring: assertive

23.1.2020, Marika

Spring 2020 hairstyles include strong influences from the 1960s. Hairstyles in the 60s showed great variation from the very sophisticated to the casual, natural and bohemian. The counterculture movement started by the young in the 60s is evident in our everyday lives still today! Casual, deliberately messy finishes, smooth sophisticated waves, natural tones or assertive colors – let your hairstyle reflect your personality. Be exactly who you are.

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At Four Reasons, we want to promote this message and encourage everyone to appreciate themselves as they are – perfectly imperfect – that’s why we have created modernized versions of the iconic hair trends of the 1960s for our spring 2020 hair fashion collection.

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Style anarchy and rebellious spirit – carefully carefree

The 1960s was a time of social and cultural change, largely brought on by demographic changes. In the mid-1960s, more than a third of the US population were younger than 17. The young didn’t think the same way as their parents, and the youth movement was in full swing. Young people abandoned traditional styles, which brought on a style anarchy, creating a new, freer look. Self-expression was allowed.

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The smoother-than-silk bouffants and pompadours that had taken over the streetscape over the previous decade were gradually replaced by hairstyles that were their exact opposite. People were taking a stand and their hairstyles reflected that. The styles may have looked careless, but they were carefully considered and more exaggerated than their predecessors and carried a touch of rebelliousness.

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Hair became the symbolic representation of the social change underway, as women chose shorter haircuts than ever or arranged their long hair into large hairdos that were messy in just the right way, and men grew their hair longer which would have been entirely unacceptable before. Some men held on to shorter and more traditional haircuts but with a new, edgy twist.

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Generally speaking, the 60s style is a combination of the conservativeness of the 50s and the bohemian, carefree lifestyle of the 70s. We wanted to capture this irresistible spirit in our spring 2020 hair trend collection named 60’s Shades – Four Reasons Collection Spring 2020. Catch great tips and formulas here for this spring’s hair fashion and come and be inspired by our collection at our hair show tour this spring!

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