The new, anticipated Four Reasons Optima shades!

25.3.2020, Marika

The Four Reasons Optima hair color line has been on the market for a year, and it has been received with great enthusiasm! There are almost 2,000 happy hair color users, and the feedback we’ve received on the color collection, including from our export countries, has exceeded our wildest expectations. Four Reasons Optima was developed based on hair stylists’ wishes; almost a thousand Finnish hair stylists responded to our survey about the hair color collection of their dreams, and the end result lives up to those dreams.

Four-Reasons-Optima group

We want to develop Optima further based on the wishes of our customers. Last autumn, we asked our color users for their wishes to complete the shade selection of the line. Your responses have been heard, and now we are introducing additional shades requested by hair stylists to the Optima color palette. Among the six new shades, you can find two new lightening hair color shades.


11NO: A soft honey shade requested by many hair stylists is a warm lightening hair color option. You can use the shade on its own, mix it with other lightening shades or boost its shine effect with other Optima shades!

11BM: A muted tone in lightening hair colors! Suitable for when you want to neutralize yellow hues effectively and the result doesn’t have to be extremely bright. An excellent product to be mixed with other lightening hair colors to soften the result and for neutralizing a yellow base when the aim is to create a metallic look.

The other new Four Reasons Optima shades complement the existing color ranges by adding new desired darkness levels to the favorite shades. In addition to lightening hair colors, the new shades this spring include 9O, 9BM, 8BM and 7MB. The number before the letters indicates the level of darkness of the shade, the first letter the base tone and the second letter the underlying tone.

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