3 beautiful and easy hairstyles for special occasions: Could one of these be your new go-to style?

10.12.2021, Meri

Learning to do your hair for a special occasion can be a real pain, and many will end up booking a time with a hairstylist for the morning of the special event. Because parties come and go, and you may end up with multiple events in a short period of time, going to a hairstylist every other day may end up costing you a pretty penny. An easy and beautiful hairstyle that just happens to be a quick one to make is a party guest’s lifesaver. In this case, the saying “beauty lies in simplicity” truly applies. Take a look at these three gorgeous hairstyles and try them out yourself!

We created three different hairstyles that are suitable for any special occasion. We would recommend trying the three hairstyles for a wedding, Christmas party, birthday party, or a ball, for example. You can also add hairpins, elastic bands, flowers, and other accessories to your hairstyle. Check out our cute hairpin styles that can also be applied to these hairdos.

When you’re creating a hairstyle for a special occasion, it’s important, if not the most important, to create a solid base. When you curl or straighten your hair in advance, you’ll end up with a neater and longer-lasting result. Curling is the best way to create structure and lift to your hair and, for example, by blow drying your hair before fixing your hairdo, you get volume in the roots.

Watch the tutorials and follow along! After all, the easiest way to learn something new is to try doing it. You can do it, we promise.


Classic neck-hugging bun

You can never go wrong with a low-neck bun! There are many ways to make a bun, but this hairstyle is our all-time favorite because it’s just that easy. You can easily add texture and volume to the hair by adding Four Reasons Professional Body Boost. You can either make two braids or two twisted ponytails that are pinned together into a bun at the nape of the neck at the end. Make the hairdo more casual by separating a few strands of hair to frame the face and the neck.

Don’t forget to add hairspray! Because the bun is mainly held in by bobby pins, it’s important to secure the hairdo with hairspray. Four Reasons Professional Working Spray provides flexible hold to the hairdo. A flexible hairspray ensures a natural look to the hairdo without leaving it dry and hard. At the end, we used Four Reasons Professional Dry Shine Spray, which is an excellent finishing spray for updos. The spray adds shine and softness to the hair, which makes the hairstyle even more festive.


Festive low ponytail

An elegant low ponytail will top off your outfit. This ponytail is created by twisting the top of the hair around, and then pulling the rest of the hair through the freshly created loop. Finalize the hairdo by smoothing the extra strands of hair with hair wax, such as Four Reasons Original Matte Paste. Add a light hairspray that keeps the hair in place without restricting the hair’s natural movement. We used the Four Reasons Original Strong Styling Hairspray. Select an elastic band that is the closest match to the color of your hair to make the elastic blend into the hairstyle. A black elastic band always works too!

Find the best hairspray for your needs here!

This easy and beautiful updo hairstyle goes especially well with dresses and evening gowns when you don’t want to put your hair up in a bun.


Modern pigtails

Pigtails are not just for little girls, because anyone can rock this hairstyle in their own way. Made popular in the 90s especially by popstars, this hairstyle is back and dare we say, better than before. Pigtails come in many shapes and forms, but this style is especially suited to all those hair gods and goddesses that possess hair that is as long as the Finnish fall (meaning very long). These pigtails look a little like braids, but in this hairstyle, instead of making braids, you pull through the pigtail creating gorgeous and complex-looking ponytails. These pigtails are well suited for daytime and casual evening events.

First, add product that gives your hair texture and hold. We used the Four Reasons Original Hair Powder, which gives your hair volume and structure like dry shampoo. This way the elastic bands stay in the hair without sliding off, and the pigtails maintain their shape. At the end, you can add some strong hairspray, such as Four Reasons Original Strong Hairspray that holds it all together and prevents strands from separating from the hairdo.


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