Four Reasons Collection Dreamer | Autumn 2020 – It’s time to get creative with fall hair!

22.9.2020, Elisa

Fall 2020 is a time for soul searching, self-discovery and empowerment. This fall is exceptional in every way, and people are looking for ways to step outside the box. We can see proof of this all over the fashion world. In fashion shows, the fall trends varied from romantic to dramatic, from bright neon colors to pastels and whites and from soft, bohemian lines to intense cuts. The boldest combined all of these. The same goes for hair!

Who says you can’t dress in bright colors and dye your hair with vibrant pastels in the fall?

Hair trends in the fall often feature darker, warmer and muted tones. Though they are perfectly suitable for fall, why should we forget about fun, colorful hair as soon as summer is over?

The world is changing, and people are questioning the traditional seasonal approach. We need new, innovative thinking and the joy of reinvention. So, we hope that hair stylists will encourage customers who have been considering a new look for some time and inspire those who are hesitant about changes. New styles can be experimented with one at a time or different trends can be combined into a unique combination to best suit its wearer.

Maija – Party in the front

Chin-length bobs are not going anywhere; they are making a rapid comeback in street fashion. The cut is versatile: it can be worn straight, wavy, curled or pulled back.

Uncertainty about the next opportunity to visit a salon makes customers wonder which cuts would look the best a few months from now. The answer is a bob!

A soft bob with subtle layers and a gentle undercut will look great even if the hair grows a bit longer before your next chance to visit your stylist.

For Maija, a flat, graduated undercut section was cut at the back of her head, creating a nice movement and settling any difficult swirls. The top section features square-shaped layers to create a modern, flat shape, while retaining length in the overall lines.

And what better way to spice up the dark days of fall than to have a vibrant block color at the front of the hair! Block color works well for all hair lengths and can be created using a strong contract of a soft transition of just one or two levels. In Maija’s hair, the block area covers a total of about four centimeters starting from the front hairline. Another block with an ombre effect towards the ends was made on the right-hand side of the hair so that the color moves in surprising patterns as Maija flips her hair. Combined with the dark back section, the block style is also easy to maintain at home with toning haircare products.

Maija’s color recipe:

Back section: Four Reasons Luxima 5–6 BASE + 6–8.25 Maroon Brown + 6–8.13 Mochaccino
Front section: Four Reasons Luxima Blush 30 g + Luxima Pearl Jam 20 g

How this look was made? Watch tutorial on YouTube >>

Henna – Simplicity with a twist

A classic style to frame the face. A collarbone-length look with modern layers is perfect for customers looking for a new style without going for the shorter bob cut. This cut is a great way to frame the face and lighten the overall look while retaining volume in the ends. This look is all about simplicity with a little twist!

Henna’s hair was divided into two sections with a zigzag partition. The front section was cut with a low, graduated technique to retain the fullness of the shape. All of the hair in the section was cut to the length of the front section.

The back and top sections were cut with longer layers towards the front and shorter layers toward the back to make the back section lighter while retaining length at the front. The back section was always cut on top of the previous section. Not connecting the front and the back sections creates a modern movement in the cut.

The color in Henna’s hair features gorgeous shades of pearl and champagne with a holographic, glowing overall look. The complex color was achieved by first brightening up the base with subtle highlights and then selecting a light, salmon pink pastel shade to connect with the two types of lowlights at the ends. While the shades were identical in terms of darkness, the other section of lowlights was slightly more intense than the other, creating a nuanced and full-bodied, shiny blonde color.

The customer can maintain this shade by alternating the shades Rose and Champagne of the Four Reasons Color Mask Toning Treatment or mixing them together, for example.

Henna’s color recipe:

Roots: Four Reasons Luxima Salmon,
Ends: Two masses in large zigzag lowlights: Four Reasons Luxima Salmon and Sunkiss + Salmon

How this look was made? Watch tutorial on YouTube >>

Safia – Honey Hues

People often decide to go darker in the fall, forgetting all about highlights. In the winter months, we lose the soft warmth of the sun in our hair and skin, which is why highlights are the perfect way to maintain a sunny vibrancy in the hair year-round! The contrast of the highlights also makes your skin glow throughout the long months of winter.

The bold money piece highlights frame Safia’s face and create a strong contrast. The intense highlights at the front were connected to the teased highlights in the rest of the hair, strategically placed to retain the natural depth of Safia’s hair in the areas where the sun cannot brighten it. This creates a natural effect that is easy to maintain.

The Four Reasons Color Mask Bronze products are the perfect fit for Safia’s hair. The shade can be made cooler by washing the hair once in a while with the Four Reasons Professional No Yellow Shampoo and letting it sit for 5 minutes.

When cutting naturally curly hair, it is important to examine how the hair acts when dry and how the curls behave to avoid cutting it too much or too little. Safia’s hair was divided in two with a zigzag partition. The right side was cut with a low, graduated technique following the partition. The left side was cut in the same way. Once the cut was complete and the hair partitioned naturally, the zigzag division on the top created a wonderful movement without intense layers or graduation that wouldn’t have worked with Safia’s curls.

Safia’s color recipe:

Base: Highlights with Multibleach by increasing the developer, starting with 3% at the hairline and ending up with 9% at the top
Toning: Four Reasons Luxima Salmon 40 g + Pearl Jam 40 g + 7–8 Cool 20 g

How this look was made? Watch tutorial on YouTube >>

Mireilla – Chunky Highlights, but make it 2020

More and more people are opting for the classic look from past years instead of the more recently popular thin, natural highlights. While customers now want more distinct highlights, they are not looking for the lines growing straight out of the part as was the trend in the 90s. As the color should be long-lasting and easy to maintain, it is important to carefully consider the positioning and sectioning of the highlights. One of the options is a soft root shadow that makes highlights even subtler.  One way to achieve perfection with thick highlights is to choose a bold color, such as the muted Blush Pink shade used in Mireilla’s hair.

The highlights were made with intense zigzag partitions following the top section. The same sections were used for the cut, bringing the cut and the color together. The highlights create a natural but powerful effect with the various shades of muted pastel pink amidst Mireilla’s natural, darker hair color.

In the cut, the bottom section was layered by following the shape of Mireilla’s head to create a voluminous look in the layers. The top section was layered with a concave technique to achieve a more intensely layered look, leaving more length on the sides. The top and bottom sections are not connected.

The Four Reasons Color Mask Toning Shampoo Rose and Toning Treatment Rose are perfect for maintaining this color.

Mireilla’s color recipe:

Base: Highlights Ultralift 6% in the roots, Multibleach 6% at the ends
Toning: Top section Four Reasons Luxima Blush, bottom section Luxima Blush + 7–8 Neutral 4:1

How this look was made? Watch tutorial on YouTube >>

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Photographer: Janita Autio
Style: Meri Milash
Make-up: Fatma Bendris
Hair: Four Reasons Education Team
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