Will you choose Optima, Luxima or both?

25.10.2022, Monna

The Four Reasons Optima and Luxima color lines offer endless possibilities for the creative colourist to create the most stunning hair colours. Four Reasons Optima serves as a modern hair salon go-to tool with its coverage and rich tones, and Four Reasons Luxima, in turn, offers natural, three-dimensional, and trendy muted tones. 

We asked Four Reasons instructors for their own top tips for working with the Four Reasons colour lines. Read on and grab these tried and tested tips to use right away. 



Three-dimensionality, gorgeous shine and unlimited colour combinations with Four Reasons Luxima

When you are aiming for a multidimensional and natural result, you should select Four Reasons Luxima as your colour product. With Luxima, each result is unique, unexceptionally lively, and multi-toned – exactly what modern customers are looking for. 

Four Reasons instructor Linda Lehto is renowned for her stunning colour work and astonishing photography. Linda is a dedicated Luxima user, and almost all of her colouring work is done with Four Reasons Luxima. 

In what situations does Linda use Luxima? 

“I usually choose Four Reasons Luxima for toning. Especially for highlights, Luxima is the best choice. With Luxima there is no fear of the colour product intensifying the warm tones in the hair too much. When I’m creating vibrant, three-dimensional finishes, my colour palette is always a mix of Luxima! But Luxima is not just for toning. I also use it when I want to brighten the base. In these situations, I add Four Reasons Oxide 6% and Luxima BASE to the colour recipe. The end result is wonderfully natural despite the bleaching effect. Luxima is BEST <3 I wouldn’t change!” 

Linda’s favourite Four Reasons Luxima recipes

Pearly Blond + Apricot Blond = A blend of warm and cool that ensures the shade doesn’t over tone in any direction  

Biscuit + Ruby Silver = A soft pastel blonde with a slight hint of warmth 

Beach Blond + Frozen Rose Blond = The perfect frosty cool blonde 

5-6 Cool + Ice Coffee = Cool dark brown with subtle pearly undertones 


Do you demand perfect performance from your colour? – Four Reasons Optima

Four Reasons Optima blurs the line between semi-permanent and permanent hair colours – you can use the same line to create versatile colouring. At the same time, the tones are both beautifully translucent and very deep. Hair is gorgeously toned, soft and shiny after Optima colour treatment. What more could you ask for?  

 Four Reasons instructor Elisa Cavén considers Optima to be the cornerstone of the hair salon’s colour lines. Without it, everyday life would not run smoothly. Optima is at its best when you want to create intense finishes, colour balancing, special colours, or to smooth out unevenness.  

Grab Elisa’s tips for using Optima!

“Optima is often my go-to product, but especially when I want more coverage from a shade or colour, need a precise darkness level or need more power for bleaching. There’s no beating Optima if I really want intensity from a colour – for example, rich reds or glowing coppers.”

Elisa’s favorite Four Reasons Optima recipes

8P + 7GB = The perfect lowlights recipe when you want natural-looking tones of about 7 degrees darker.
BM tones = These shades in all shades of darkness are perfect when you want a metallic rose gold shimmer! And hey, you can add some PINK Mixer shade if you want to get a more intense rose effect!
10AO + 10GP = A beautifully warming shade with light pastel undertones 

5BM + 7R = The trend of the moment: burgundy


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