Effortless Styling – Waves and iron curls

Want to master the art of perfect Instagram waves easily and effortlessly in your salon work? Do you find using straighteners and curling irons challenging? In the training, you will learn to use straighteners and curling irons, and get tips on how to select the right product.

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Product description

You will learn to curl hair with straighteners and curling irons with our trainer Linda Lehto. You will learn the importance of directionality and section sizes. We will go over the styling products for both base and finish. You will learn to instruct the customer on how to style their hair easily at home!

Linda Lehto
Content of the training
  • The right kind of sectioning and section sizes for the perfect Instagram waves
  • The right curling direction and how this affects the result
  • Right tool and product choices
  • How to create a base for long-lasting waves
  • Tips on how to instruct a customer with a successful home styling
How does e-education work?
The training will be streamed as a live webinar. The recording of the training will be available on our training site at en.fourreasons.fi in 1–2 weekdays. You can attend the livestream or watch the recording later. During the livestream, you can ask questions in real time and use the chat box to talk to your colleagues!

After signing up for the e-education, you will receive a direct link to the webinar via e-mail. If you do not receive a link to the webinar a few moments after signing up, please contact koulutus@fourreasons.fi.