Challenges and solutions in relation of changing color line

Are you about to change your color line and thinking about ways to make the change as easy and smooth as possible? We have put together a training that will help you with your new color line with Four Reasons technical products. The training covers all important points to take into consideration when changing color line, and we will also focus on the best ways to solve the most common challenges in new product use. This training allows you to instantly work with Optima and Luxima color lines as efficiently as possible. In addition, you will learn and see how the Four Reasons color lines compare to other color lines.

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Product description

In the training, we will go through the most common challenges and solutions when it comes to changing color lines with our educator Harri Paananen. You will learn how Four Reasons Optima and Luxima color lines compare with other color lines and how you can get started with the new color line as smoothly as possible!

Harri Paananen @harri.paananen
Content of the training
  • Basic information about changing your color line
  • How Optima and Luxima color lines are compare to other color lines
  • How to solve challenges in relation of changing color line
  • What is useful to take into consideration when starting with new color line
How does e-education work?
The training will be streamed as a live webinar. The recording of the training will be available on our training site at in 1–2 weekdays. You can attend the livestream or watch the recording later. During the livestream, you can ask questions in real time and use the chat box to talk to your colleagues! After signing up for the e-education, you will receive a direct link to the webinar via e-mail. If you do not receive a link to the webinar a few moments after signing up, please contact