Arttu Artist and YouTuber

I’m Arttu Lindeman, an artist and YouTuber from Lahti, Finland. I’ve been a YouTuber for over five years and I’ve actively worked as an artist for almost three.

I’ve always been interested in performing, and that’s probably why I enjoy what I do now so much. I didn’t have any experience with anything, I just started to do it. I grew and learned from my mistakes along the way; the most important thing is that what you do every day makes you feel good, and I feel good doing this.

In high school I never dreamed of a career as an artist, but that was primarily because of insecurity. I had a difficult time in high school and college because I was bullied. But I survived and became stronger! Anyone who had a rough time in school or work, remember: you are above the people who want to drag you down.

I feel privileged to be a Sony Music artist. Along the way I’ve received heaps of support from my family, a few friends, and my team. They are all such great people that I sometimes wonder which stars must have aligned to let me work with them.

Stars aligning brings me to my next topic. Four Reasons asked me what I would like to say to people who doubt themselves or are wondering if they have the courage to do something. The answer is easy. Yes, you do!

You don’t always need to dive head first into things… That’s my style, but you can conquer new things one small step at a time! I believe that happiness is the most important thing in life. You need to do things that make you happy, and if someone judges you for it, you haven’t lost anything. They would never have been a true friend anyway! When you give your passion room to grow, you end up socializing with people who share your passion! A new hobby isn’t “an embarrassing thing” after all, it’s a shared passion that is a joy to do!

– Arttu


Life is like a swing. If you fall off, you get back on and carry on swinging!

What I especially value about myself

#1 Determination
#2 Hard-working
#3 Social skills
#4 Courage